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Creating Connections: Empowering Women through Community Building.
Worth Having · Creating Connections: Empowering Women through Community Building This episode features an interview with A...
Paths to Personal Sustainability: On Belonging, Burnout, and Building New Realities
Worth Having · Paths to Personal Sustainability: On Belonging, Burnout, and Building New Realities Have you ever thought, ...
EmpowerHER: Reimagining The Innovation System for Women
Worth Having · Reimagining The Innovation System for Women to Succeed This episode of the Worth Having Podcast features co...
Compassion in Business: The art of human-centered marketing
Worth Having · Compassion in Business: The Art of Human-Centered Marketing Excited to introduce you to an inspiring conver...
Fighting Bias: Breaking Barriers for Foreign-Born Women in Sweden through Storytelling
Worth Having · Fighting bias: How do we break barriers for foreign-born women in Sweden? Empowering women isn't just a goa...
‘Baking Confidence’: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With The Help Of Community
Worth Having · Baking Confidence: 'Imposter-no-more' trough the help of community Step into the world of Ammna C...
‘Being Backbone’ – Helping others build whilst building for yourself
Dive into the dynamic world of balancing innovation and infrastructure! 🌱 Join me as we explore the dual role of being the backbone of The Ground while co-founding The House. Navigating growth, milestones, and creativity - it's a journey worth experiencing.
Creating spaces: Conversations about entrepreneurship and belonging.
In the debut episode of 'The House Worth Having', host Nic explores with co-founders Poliana Dias and Laura Patel Smith the genesis and purpose of 'The House', a collaborative hub nurturing female entrepreneurs in Malmö. The conversation delves into the resilience needed to cultivate such a community, particularly post-COVID. 'The House' emerges as a response to founder isolation, providing a space for collaboration, support, and growth. They touch on topics like managing doubt, the importance of diversity in business, and balancing social impact with economic viability. Emphasizing community feedback, they envision 'The House' as a catalyst for change in European entrepreneurship, advocating for inclusive policies and support structures for women and non-binary individuals in business.
Beyond Dread. Boost discipline through Self-Leadership
"Looking for ways to overcome dread and cultivate discipline in your life? Don't miss my latest podcast episode where I share practical strategies and insights to help you thrive. Let's navigate this journey together!
emotions explored: feeling luck helps success. Let's help luck into our lives.
On ‘feeling lucky’.
Worth Having · Luck help success. Let's help luck to find us. Luck certainly helps when we want to be successful. ...