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What is hope?
A Home Worth Having · No, seriously: What is hope? Hope. Yet again a word everyone knows and I know you can tell what b...
What ‘living a life to-go’ really means
A Home Worth Having · Living a Life To-Go and what that really means. Cargo-bikes are a thing here in Sweden. I’m ...
Who are you without your suit?
a high achieving individual in the work environment understands that their performance is the basis of their power. The better you do what you do (can show and prove it)the more power and authority you’ll have. But who are you when you come home? Who are you when there is no reason to perform anymore
How your attitude will stop you from making a change of significance.
A Home Worth Having · Your attitude towards change I help people make change. I help them make change as worth while an...
How to wake up with great ideas.
A Home Worth Having · How to wake up with great ideas - leveraging your creativity when you can't find inspiration first. ...
How to flirt with life. Making creativity a daily practice.
A Home Worth Having · Practice being creative - practive flirting with life People are the happiest when - at least some part ...
Life fucks with the best of us. It’s beautiful.
A Home Worth Having · Life f*cks with the best of us Readable version: Life fucks with the best of us - and I love it. I...
Expecting having to justify my expat presence here
A Home Worth Having · Moving internationally and fighting for the right to take space I just moved to Sweden and I keep gettin...
Moving Announcement: Will you move with us to Sweden?
A Home Worth Having · Moving Announcement: Expat life & running a portable business. Big, deliberate life change doesn't h...
No more buyers regret – How to shop during SALE season without falling pray to impulse buying.
A Home Worth Having · No more Buyers Regret - how to buy during sale season without impulse shopping and overspending It's sal...