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What the heck is ‘awareness’ in real life?
Worth Having · What is awareness in mindfulness? Emotional Intelligence (the term) has been on the radar of the business w...
Reimagining how we diagnose burnout.
Worth Having · Why does it take so long to diagnose burnout? As I’m focussing this season to look at belonging through the...
What if burnout is identity related? What if you are about to become a (sad) cliché of people just like you?
Worth Having · What is Identity Related Burnout? What if burnout stems from you trying too hard to be someONE and neglecti...
How come you’ve changed?
Belonging is like curry.
Woah! I know, hear me out: Do you like curry? Maybe not 'curry' as such, but another spice mix? Curry is not ONE spice, ...
Leadership skill empathy – capitalize on it.
You don’t have to wait for sadness in order to raise your happiness.
You don't need to wait until you feel down to raise your happiness! You don't need reason for raising your happiness and it doesn't make you ungrateful for what you already have either.
Making New Years resolutions that mean something
Happy is a verb - when you look forward to the next year think about all the activities that get you to that state of happiness. Because we need to step away from the phrase the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ as something that you chase or discover. There is not one happiness for all, but there is happiness in all of us.  Happiness is absolutely self-created - it is an action. It’s not a question of ‘which experiences make you happy’ but which activities do you do, do you make time to make yourself happy?
What is hope?
A Home Worth Having · No, seriously: What is hope? Hope. Yet again a word everyone knows and I know you can tell what b...
What ‘living a life to-go’ really means
A Home Worth Having · Living a Life To-Go and what that really means. Cargo-bikes are a thing here in Sweden. I’m ...