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& become excited about coming home to your life.

for those that are feeling trapped

between burnout

At work

and boreout

At home

starting a Passion Project helps you create more work-life-balance, set better boundaries and feel more flow, because you

design the way you want to

come home to yourself.


How do you want to

come home to yourself?

if you are tired of

chasing shizz that doesn't matter

and miss feeling enthusiastic, then

create something you really care about

create something that will have a positive impact.


Why creating your own happiness is important.

The difference between 'on paper' & 'in real life'.

We do a lot, but we do not get much done.

And with all this going on it’s understandable that we take the path of least resistance and tell ourselves: “On paper, I have all I need and that’s not bad - it’s good!” but that little voice in the background keeps repeating: “But it’s not great!”

If you see yourself in this description, you’re not alone. And you’re not spoiled, or ungrateful either. There are several different fields of psychology and behavioral science investigating this type of exhaustion, and they come all to the conclusion:

- and it's exhausting us. Too many people live unsatisfied lives wondering why every decision they make only feels second-best to what could be.

Stuck in a loop of overthinking, paralyzed by doubt whether the next decision is the right one to take, and worried about the regret that has not yet happened, but can’t stop worrying about.

We have no time, we have no space for us.

We know what conviction and a whole-hearted 'Hell, Yes!' feels like… and it has been way too long since we have given one. But our calendar is packed, and every attempt to change that, to create time and space ends up in tiring trade-off discussions. Sometimes home does not feel like ‘home’, but only like ‘life-outside-of-work’ and that feels more draining than any business negotiation ever could.

What research and psychology prove:

  • The absence of illness is not health.
  • The absence of regrets is not thriving.
  • And just because you’re not coping (compensating for negativity) it does not mean you’re experiencing happiness.
  • If you're honest with yourself

    You want more to say about your life than just:

    "It's fine."

    If you're honest with yourself

    You want to take control and

    make it great.

    3 things you can do

    to build our own version of 'The Good Life':

    The opposite of illness is


    Wellbeing - active, continuous improvement of mental, emotional and physical state.

    A Passion Project is an activity that inspires and excites you. It caters to something you really care about and allows you to practice ‘living within your values’.

    It is time spent building your authenticity which feels satisfying and leads to better mental health.


    The opposite of feeling regret is

    feeling pride.

    Pride - knowing you’re the cause of good things happening.

    A Passion Project requires you to take responsibility and be proactive. It can never be something someone else tells you to do. You need to make time, make space and make use of your freedom to set self-imposed limits.

    A Passion Project is aiming towards a goal, an outcome, or a state of completion with a positive impact. It involves a challenge and your willingness to question yourself and the way you view the world.


    The opposite of coping is


    Savoring - our behaviour when things go right.

    + A passion project teaches you to create more moments of joy that will add up to a more stable, longer-lasting perception of happiness.

    + It will teach you to take time and to create the circumstances for joy to happen. It will teach you to take note of what, how and where you feel good and explore what triggers your enthusiasm.

    + A passion project requires you to be present. It requires you to detach from the human addiction to perform & look for the approval from others.


    how we'll do it - The 3 phase process

    We'll design your personalised project using the best of:

    We create Time & Space

    we make it happen

    we visioneer - vision/engineer

    high performance

    & accountability

    design thinking &

    positive psychology

    environmental psychology

    & boundary setting

    Together we'll plan strategies to make it all happen under your current circumstances.

    We simplify everything & whatever is going on in your life right now.

    We make coming home easy.

    We'll use the best of high performance coaching to use the momentum. I will give you the tools to practice self-accountability and I'm there for you when hurdles pop up.

    We engage in elegant excellence & you're in control.

    I will guide through the creative process of discovering what triggers your enthusiasm, aligns with your core values and how to make it a project with positive impact.

    We'll build it around what really matters to you.



    Format - Packages you can choose

    How slow/fast do you want to move?

    The 3-phase framework is tested and successful, but you choose the intensity with which we move forward.

    Choose your package.

    16 sessions

    10 sessions

    in 6months

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