Have you noticed:

This means it's all about you and what you want your home to be. Design is just one of the tools we'll use to get there.

But if you want to know what my personal definition of AHWH is - it's this: "A whole lot of simplified living, sprinkled with strategic sophistication, and loaded with Joie De Vivre

- joy for life!"

This business is called

‘A Home Worth Having’,

not ‘Nic Scholtysik Design’.

What makes AHWH stand out

A Home Worth Having is a coaching & design studio that creates homes that don't pose for social likes (what others like), but the home YOU like. Actually, the home where you like you the best.

Design is the art of making existing things better. I'm here to show you how your life inside your home can become better through thoughtful attention to what matters to you. And not getting distracted by what looks currently pretty, or would impress others.

Home the place where you embrace the messiness of life and beautiful memories are made. A Home Worth Having creates homes that are full of life and honest to their local context, within the framework of a multicultural life.

in comparison to traditional 'just interior design' Firm

You decide what you need:

Your personal cocktail

Done For You- Design

Design Consulting


Correct grammar is overrated!

Yeah I know, it's important out there in 'the real world'.

But home is where everyone understands you even though (or just because?!?) you mix 3languages in just one sentence or on one shopping list.

You have to adapt your language & behaviour out there. But in here we mix languages because we flipping' can.

Same goes for what brings you joy and how we design your home: whatever weird, but wonderful combination floats your boat is what we'll celebrate - unapologetically.

Home is where....

your funky accent & weird language combinations rule

I'm no artist.

Haute Couture fashion is wearable art. It looks great, but for most people, it's useless and unattainable.

The same goes for 'Haute Couture Interiors'. They might be so pretty to look at, but your home is not meant to be a museum of pretty but untouchable items.

I'm an activist.

I believe in creating spaces that make dealing with the messiness of life easier.

I believe homes should celebrate the people and the experiences yet to come more than the ones that are past.

I believe you should design your home to helps you with what comes hard to you - not represent what you do well.

I don't 'have a home' - I do home. And most of all I do enjoy my home, wherever we are in the world.

You scrolled so far &

You found me. Let's talk.

I'm great at getting people into action, here are some of my specialties:

How to SIMPLIFY my home.

How to add MORE PIZZAZZ and Joie De Vivre

Moving home or already abroad needing support

About the AHWH podcast