Designing belonging & the experience of coming home to yourself

Can we predict & prevent burnout?

Belonging is the key.

I firmly believe that this can be achieved by fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and taking individual ownership. Together, we can enhance individual potential while ensuring that no one is left to navigate the path alone.

Heck yes!

I simplify

As a facilitator,

complex conversations on belonging, self-leadership, and cultivating an active role in shaping our (work-) culture.

Drawing upon emotional intelligence and emphasizing wisdom over smartness, I empower individuals to become active creators of their desired reality.


I specialize in strategic and meaningful improvement, envisioning a better future and devising concrete action plans to achieve it.

Finally, as a student of

I leverage research and science to identify what is going well and use it as a foundation for creating positive impact, uncovering untapped potential, and activating desirable opportunities.

My mission

is to not only prevent burnout, but to design and implement well-being strategies that embody the concept of regenerative leadership and lifestyle.

About Nic

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I'm great at getting people to see more potential, create more opportunities and take action:

more engaged employees through belonging and refined emotional intelligence.

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getting unstuck and finding The Next Right Step

Cultural Adaptation assistance for internationals