Overcome self-doubt - get unstuck - take control

and figure out what is:

The next right step

360° Assessment, Coaching & Positive Psychology to

create your personalized action plan for more happiness.

Half a day to define that

ideal next step for you.

This is for you if:

Feeling Trapped

"I feel like I'm trapped in a dead-end job or career, but I don't know what else to do or where to turn. It's like I'm stuck in this one path, and I can't see any way out."



You feel unfulfilled, stressed, or even burned out

Living on auto-pilot

"I feel like I'm just going through the motions every day, without any sense of purpose or direction. It's like I'm stuck in a rut, and I can't figure out how to break free."

You're on auto-pilot and not the good kind. It's like you watch your life without taking part emotionally.

No progress

"I know I'm capable of so much more, but I just can't seem to make any progress. Every time I try to move forward, I hit a wall and end up right back where I started."

You know you can muster the energy, but the results you see don't match the effort you put in.

No meaningful goal

"I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly through life, with no clear sense of where I'm headed or what I want to achieve. It's frustrating and exhausting, and I don't know how to get unstuck."

You're missing a worthwhile goal to focus on, something that will pull you forward and fill you with enthusiasm.

Stuck in fear

"I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices and possibilities out there that I don't know where to start. Every option seems equally daunting, and I can't seem to make up my mind."

The uncertainty keeps you running all the posiible scenarios in your head, without ever taking real action.

You have been feeling that something is off, but can't put a finger on what or where your frustration comes from exactly.

If it is any of the 5 to the right, then this intensive coaching experience will be for you.

Coaching & personalised strategy

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Raising hope & happiness focus you on seeing potential and acting on opportunity

and scientific research agrees:

1| raising & reinforcing hope

Hope is not naive.

Yes, "it embodies the idea that a better future is possible, but this belief requires a simultaneous recognition that the present is not ideal – or even that it is bleak.

Hope, especially deep hope, is the antidote to suffering."

Hope is:

  • about having a vision for alternative scenarios.
  • about using creativity and constructing feasible pathways to get there
  • about building the confidence to tackle change and activating your network to join and support.
  • Hope is purposeful.

    2| benefiting from happiness

    Happiness is contagious.

    "If you become happier you won’t just benefit yourself, but also your partners, families, communities and society at large." - Sonja Lyubomirsky, Prof. Ph.D.

    Feeling stuck is not not a thinking problem, but a feeling issue.

    Nothing is wrong with your brain - the smartest people get stuck sometimes. The problem is that you're feeling a lot and some things are contradictory. The solution is not to 'stop doubting and do it', but to feel deeper and use your emotional intelligence as a strength to make wiser decisions and focus on potential.

    This process will guide you through it.




    Find your own answer through:

    360° Self-assessment - coaching for creativity - personal positive intervention plan

    Bienvenu et salut

    Hi, I'm Nic.

    I research belonging and facilitate experiences that inspire connection and help you use your emotional intelligence as a strength so you can focus and act on potential, instead of getting stuck on perceived limitations.

    My goal is to help you use science and best practices from coaching and design thinking to create work-life-control.

    A new view on your life in 3h.

    Mental fitness is a routine of ongoing practice that cultivates the habits and mindset to think, feel, and perform at our best.

    -Prof. Dr. Martin Seligman

    Make decisions that will trade your life upwards. This is where you start.

    Find the next right step now

    What it includes

    Cost: 3500SEK

    (+25% tax)

    ca. 300€ +TAX

    What metric predicts how likely you are to produce greatness?

    Your ability to use all 3 intelligences - IQ, EQ and SQ (social intelligence).

    And the hidden that glues all 3 together is hope.

    Science has proven: A positive outlook on life gives us information about how well a person will be able to spot potential, create opportunity and create what has not not been there before.

    We'll use emotional assessment, positive psychology and design thinking to trigger your creativity and confidence to make the right decision.

    Measuring Happiness

    360° Life satisfaction Assessment

    Cultivating hope and happiness is vital find flow, trigger creative thinking and get you to spot potential. Using the Oxford Happiness Index we'll determine your current level of perceived happiness so you have a base point to refer to in the future.

    A powerful coaching session on taking emotional stock on where you are in different areas of your life. Taking the judgement-free perspective of a compassionate witness to allow radically accept what is and spot the areas of significant improvement potential.

    Summarized action plan

    Positive intervention strategy

    After our session:

    Receive a summary of your action plan including a detailed description of your top 3 happiness activities that will create the biggest positive impact in your life and train you to take action on opportunity.

    Introducing you to positive interventions that are scientifically proven to increase happiness levels long-term.

    Using the 'Personality-fit test' we'll determine which ones are suited best to your person and life to create your personalized strategy.

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