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Beyond Dread. Boost discipline through Self-Leadership
"Looking for ways to overcome dread and cultivate discipline in your life? Don't miss my latest podcast episode where I share practical strategies and insights to help you thrive. Let's navigate this journey together!
emotions explored: feeling luck helps success. Let's help luck into our lives.
On ‘feeling lucky’.
Worth Having · Luck help success. Let's help luck to find us. Luck certainly helps when we want to be successful. ...
What do you do? I build belief.
Worth Having · What does it take to build a 'Can-do-Attitude'? May I introduce myself? Lately, I've been out ...
Emotions explored: The Regret Paradox
Unlock the Regret Paradox in this masterclass episode! Explore how turning heartache into hope can transform your life and overcome feeling stuck in avoidance patterns. Don't miss this empowering journey of self-discovery and resilience based in research, and positive psychology.
Emotions explored: Navigating resentment & infatuation & their hidden impact on our authenticity.
Unpack feelings of belonging, resentment, and infatuation. Explore how these emotions shape your life and the journey back to your authentic self. Join us for an eye-opening discussion in this week's episode. Click to listen and explore.
How to have more & better ideas.
Dive into the world of ideas on this thought-provoking episode! Explore where ideas truly come from – they're not random but rooted in engagement and curiosity. Discover how knowledge, creativity, and experience shape innovative thinking. 🌟 🧠 Uncover the secrets of those who seem to generate more good ideas. Learn the power of open-mindedness and how to foster it in yourself. Challenge your cognitive abilities and develop analytical thinking. 🤔 💡 Get inspired to be proactive in creating an environment that fuels creativity and innovation. Remember, belonging isn't just about acceptance – it's about actively shaping a supportive, judgment-free space for all. Tune in now for a journey of self-discovery and idea generation!
What the heck is ‘awareness’ in real life?
Worth Having · What is awareness in mindfulness? Emotional Intelligence (the term) has been on the radar of the business w...
Reimagining how we diagnose burnout.
Worth Having · Why does it take so long to diagnose burnout? As I’m focussing this season to look at belonging through the...
What if burnout is identity related? What if you are about to become a (sad) cliché of people just like you?
Worth Having · What is Identity Related Burnout? What if burnout stems from you trying too hard to be someONE and neglecti...
How come you’ve changed?