‘Baking Confidence’: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With The Help Of Community

Step into the world of Ammna Chaudhry, the co-founder of ‘She Told Me A Story’ and the creative force behind ‘Baked by Ammna’, as she tells us her extraordinary story. From earning scholarships and prestigious awards to gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week, Ammna’s path seemed paved with success. Yet, behind the glitz and glamour lies a tale of inner struggle and self-discovery.

We delve deep into the heart of themes such as wise decision-making, conquering imposter syndrome, and the transformative power of community and networks for women.

Discover the fine details of Ammna’s journey as she navigates the complexities of cultural norms and societal pressures, offering invaluable insights into the challenges women face in the pursuit of their dreams. From the trials of self-doubt to the triumphs of self-leadership, this episode promises a journey of empowerment and inspiration that will resonate with every listener. Join us as we talk intimately about courage, resilience, and the pursuit of passion – as women do.


02:47 Spotlight on Ammna Chaudhry: Co-founder of She Told Me A Story

06:42 From Tech to Treats: Ammna’s Entrepreneurial Shift

12:40 A Creative Life: Navigating Through Fashion, Marketing, Baking, and Beyond

25:21 The Power of Saying No: Making Decisive Choices

27:56 The Journey from Overwhelm to Entrepreneurship

28:23 Launching a Frozen Goods Line: From Cookie Dough to DIY Cake Kits. Expanding the Range

31:13 Decision Making: Heart Over Mind

33:10 Confronting Imposter Syndrome: A Personal Struggle

48:23 Empowerment Through Self-Leadership and Community

52:46 Seeking Collaboration and Expanding Horizons

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