Creating Connections: Empowering Women through Community Building.

This episode features an interview with Ashley Schilling, co-founder of ‘She Told Me A Story’ and ‘The House’, initiatives aimed at creating communities for women in Malmo. Ashley discusses the importance of creating your own community if existing ones don’t meet your needs, and the incredible success ‘She Told Me A Story’ has achieved, fostering genuine connections through storytelling. She also shares her journey of moving to Sweden, transitioning from a registered dietitian in the US to diving into marketing and communications, and co-founding supportive networks for women entrepreneurs. The episode explores the challenges and successes of building communities, reinventing one’s career, and the importance of finding a place where you feel included and supported.

Show notes:

00:00 Introduction and Community Building

02:38 Meet Ashley Schilling

03:02 The Success of She Told Me A Story

06:42 Introducing The House

08:45 Ashley’s Journey to Sweden

09:35 Career Transition and Challenges

14:32 The Drop: A Climate Tech Conference

17:16 Building and Sustaining Communities

19:30 Future Community Ideas

22:56 Reflections and Looking Forward

27:09 Conclusion and Call to Action

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Find The House here:

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