‘Being Backbone’ – Helping others build whilst building for yourself

To support others in achieving their goals is a full-time job. 

Contrary to what it might sound like: Being the one who enables others to go for what they strive for is NOT ‘helping out here and there whenever time allows’. Being the one who enables others is much like being infrastructure – a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. ‘Infrastructure’ are all the things that make our day-to-day easier and depending how much well functioning infrastructure we have the better the overall life quality.
You might think of roads, sewage system, or electricity when you hear ‘infrastructure’. But it’s also our health care system, the internet ….

…and the strong people that have their organizational shit so well together that they’re making other peoples lives easier. But we can’t call these people ‘infrastructure’ because they’re not a thing, or a system. 

What these people are is the backbone of society.

But unlike classic infrastructure that we know we need to care for, maintain and pay for with our taxes, WHo takes care of those that care and make our lives easier?

Because the truth is: People who ‘are backbone’ either offer their help, or get asked if they can help out others, but rarely get asked themselves: How are you? How do you make all this happen? What does it cost you to be so independent, so organized and so aware of what is needed? How can I help you for once?

Let’s face it: To care is still a mainly female job and today I am talking to Laura Patel-Smith about the many hats she is wearing in her day to day. Because she is “running the ground” – a Co-working space extraordinaire in the heart of Malmö – where she makes sure that the people who use the space have a stellar, community experience on top of all the logistical amenities of a great office.
And at the same time, she is a co-founder of The House a startup that aims at giving female entrepreneurs a hand up at succeeding at the business game in southern Sweden.

This is an episode about a woman that has and is backbone.


02:55 The Ground: A Co-Working Space with a Heart

10:52 Navigating Roles: From Backbone to Innovator

12:04 The Power of Infrastructure and Support in Our Lives

18:12 Self-Care and Support: The Foundation of Strength

21:44 Blending Passions and Projects: The House and The Ground

27:23 Future Visions and Invitations for Collaboration

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