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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: The Journey of The House

In the first episode of ‘The House Worth Having’, host Nic discusses with co-founders Poliana Dias and Laura Patel Smith the origins and mission of ‘The House’, a collaborative space fostering community and support for female entrepreneurs in Malm√∂. They explore the initiation of the project through networking event ‘She Told Me A Story’, aiming to provide a platform for women to share experiences and stories outside conventional expert opinion exchange. As the discussion unfolds, they delve into the challenges and resilience required to nurture such a community, especially in a post-COVID world. The concept of ‘The House’ emerges as a response to the isolation many founders feel, offering a haven for collaboration, support, and growth. The episode also touches on subjects like dealing with doubt, the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the business arena, and the delicate balance between achieving social impact and economic sustainability. Highlighting the significance of community feedback in shaping their ambitions, they envision The House as a beacon for female entrepreneurship in Europe, aiming to change public policies and societal structures for a more inclusive and supportive environment for women and non-binary individuals in business.


02:36 Kickstarting the Collaboration: The House Worth Having

03:01 The Journey Begins: Origins and Ambitions

03:36 Creating a Safe Space: The Story Behind ‘She Told Me a Story’

08:12 Expanding the Vision: The Birth of The House

11:55 Facing Challenges: Courage, Doubt, and Resilience

19:31 Cultivating Culture: A Foundation for the Future

23:02 Exploring Communication for Development

24:36 Challenges and Opportunities for Professional Women in Sweden

27:06 Building a Business with Social Impact

33:01 The Untapped Talent Pool of Plus Ones

37:13 The Future of Entrepreneurship and Social Change

40:06 Closing Thoughts and Call to Action

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