Set yourself up to fall head over heels into your next best friendship.

Set yourself up for friendship at first sight

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Once you are an adult the days of ‘easy made friends’ are over. It becomes particularly hard when you are an expat, the trailing spouse with only casual work and/or have simply never been put into the situation of having to ‘actively make friends’. 

How do we do that?

Well, think back about those people you have been friends at first sight from the get go… and learn about the Ben Franklin effect (that you can try out for yourself) AND get some hands-on advice from an extrovert who has been living in 6different countries on 3 different continents in the last 18years and has a trackrecord of making friends fast – aka. me, Nic Scholtysik. 

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About Nic

Nic is an Interior Designer in a multi-cultural marriage and raising 2 third-culture-kids and was a TCK herself.

She has lived in 6 different countries, on three different continents, and speaks 6 languages.

The ideas that we can A) create spaces that heal their humans and B) design our expat experience to live a life full of joie de vivre, is at the heart of her business A Home Worth Having.

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