Fighting Bias: Breaking Barriers for Foreign-Born Women in Sweden through Storytelling

Empowering women isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey we take together. We might not look or sound the same but we grew up with the same values and storytelling can shift perspectives and illuminate connections between us all.

🎙️ I’m excited to share the latest episode of ‘The House Worth Having’ podcast! Join me and my guest Poliana Dias as we dive into her journey from Brazil to Sweden, touching on cultural shifts, integration challenges, and the pursuit of diversity and inclusion. Poliana, co-founder of ‘She Told Me A Story’ and ‘The House’ in Malmo, shares her insights on creating an inclusive environment through storytelling and community building. We explore themes of international migration, diversity in professional settings, and the power of storytelling for social change. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation! Listen now!

00:00 The Power of Storytelling for Social Change

02:31 Introducing The House Worth Having: A Unique Collaboration

02:52 Pollyanna’s Journey: From Brazil to Sweden

03:51 Navigating Career Shifts and Embracing New Opportunities

05:44 The Challenges of Integration and Embracing Diversity

07:26 Exploring Intersectionality and the Importance of Belonging

09:44 Addressing Hard Conversations on Race and Inclusion

24:54 Creating Inclusive Spaces with She Told Me A Story and The House

30:22 The Power of Storytelling in Social Change

33:01 Fostering Collaborations and Community Empowerment

34:32 Breaking the Bubble: Integrating into Local Societies

42:34 Envisioning a Diverse and Inclusive Future

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Nic is a Designer, turned Cultural Adaptation Coach, turned Positive Psychology Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

She lived in 7 different countries, on three different continents, speaks 6 languages, and an avid advocate for the Inner Development Goals and on a mission to help design belonging and raise hope for all.

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