Expat life: wanting more, but living with less.

Moving to a different country teaches us to be selective and strategic: you need to take enough with you to make it over there in the new world, but not too much so it doesn‘t weigh you down.

And there is the awareness that this whole experience is a very costly thing – in monetary terms as well as stress, excitement, nervousness and lessons to be learned – happy as well as sad ones. And having it done so often, let me reassure you: this cost always turns out as an investment – with a return of investment…of cause.

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About Nic

Nic is a Designer, turned Cultural Adaptation Coach, turned Positive Psychology Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

She lived in 7 different countries, on three different continents, speaks 6 languages, and an avid advocate for the Inner Development Goals and on a mission to help design belonging and raise hope for all.

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