Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional: Choose an attitude that will make success easy.

I help people make change.

I help them make change as worth while and easy as possible.

But there is something I can’t do for you: I can’t adjust your attitude towards that change for you.

Let me explain:

I say I’ll make it as easy as possible, but THERE WILL BE STRUGGLE!

If there wasn’t you wouldn’t need help. 

And even though everyone understands that upfront (before we start) a lot of people really hate it when when I point that out again (at the moment of struggle).

Understandably, most want to get through the uncomfortable part as soon as possible and so, very often I get asked: isn’t there a way to streamline this?

The answer is NO.hange

Well, theoretically yes, but here’s why we’re NOT going to do it:

👉🏼 Streamlining is about fixing your work at a certain level of quality, so that we have less variations due to personal performance or circumstances or…. 

If we ‘streamline’ too early, at the point when the change process is still painful and you’re still uncomfortable and your current skill level is still meager and quite frankly bad…

…that’s what the end result will be. 

>>> Fixed at mediocre, or even bad.

You gotta change your attitude and invest more of yourself in order to better results.

And then on the other hand I often hear people they don’t have the time and space to change because they’re too busy, too many people are relying on them and they’re the only one that can…. blah, bla, blah…

Listen friend, 

I know you have worked very hard at becoming great at what you’re great at, but if you want to make a change for the better and for something else: you have to make space for it.

And I’m not saying you have to give it up, but you have to streamline it.

Simplfy the process and lock it at the good, or brilliant level it is. You have to take yourself out of the equation and be ready to do things you’re not great at yet.

Don’t use the great skills, wisdom and knowledge as an excuse, as a crutch for why you can’t have that new thing you secretly want but do not dare to go for.

Listen to the podcast episode for my very concrete examples.

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