How to resist other people’s expectations

Other peoples expectations suck!

But do you have the confidence to restist them?

A few weeks back I recorded this episode on how to get over them and now that I am about to hit publish: the gremlins are back! I am afraid to come on too strong and at the same time I also know I will to come on as „too vanilla“, too blah, too tame, too people-pleaser.


Cause in real life I have been told I am too blunt, too honest and that a little bit of sugar sweetens the medicine.

So I keep thinking: I need to be more of something else and less me.

That is classic “good girl conditioning” at its best.

Time to let go of that! One situation at a time and in this episode I am am telling you how to.

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About Nic

Nic is a Designer, turned Cultural Adaptation Coach, turned Positive Psychology Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

She lived in 7 different countries, on three different continents, speaks 6 languages, and an avid advocate for the Inner Development Goals and on a mission to help design belonging and raise hope for all.

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