You don’t have to wait for sadness in order to raise your happiness.

“Raising your happiness level IS possible? Oh WOW! I’ll remember that for the next time I feel down, Nic!”

A few days ago I launched my new offer for a high intensity coaching and diagnostics session and this is a message I received in return. Isn’t it funny how different we all think about happiness? 🤔

And I feel I have ‘set something straight’:

You don’t need to wait until you feel down to raise your happiness! 

That’s right – it turns out that raising your general level of happiness is something you can do without having to wait for a rainy day. 🌧

Science has proven that each of us have our own genetical ‘happiness set point’, which means everyone’s baseline for happiness is different. 

But the research done in positive psychology also proved: this set point can be raised – by up to 40 percent in some cases! 😲

You can raise it by working on your thinking patterns, shifting them to a more positive outlook. Afterall, we all have met ‘sad rich people’ and inspiring ‘happy poor people’.

It’s not about your circumstances.

It’s not about working harder, or having more money, or being single, or in a relationship. It’s about learning to appreciate life and becoming more aware of how our thoughts affect your emotions.⁣

And here’s the ‘best part’kicker’:

elevating your outlook on life does not feel like work. It doesn’t feel like a struggle because, ‘being happy’ doesn’t feel like work – it feels like….

– well, you tell me: what your happiness feels like ❓❓❓

So whether you’re looking for a more permanent way to stay happy, or become more happy (even if life is already good) why not work on your thinking patterns and elevating your outlook on life?

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Nic is a Designer, turned Cultural Adaptation Coach, turned Positive Psychology Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

She lived in 7 different countries, on three different continents, speaks 6 languages, and an avid advocate for the Inner Development Goals and on a mission to help design belonging and raise hope for all.

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