No second best home

Hey expat,
Do you ever go ‚home‘ to your passport country, to where your family is and get questions like: „When are you finally coming back and settle?!“ or „When will you be done with being there?“
You know, those comments that implicate that you‘re just fooling around, you‘re not being a serious adult, you still have some ‚growing up‘ to do…

And how do you react?
Sometimes you can just roll your eyes and sometimes you just want to 💥, right?!

OK, don‘t kill the messenger, but have you ever stopped and considered that you‘re actually spreading the vibe that you‘re not truly serious about being where are?

One thing ALL my expat clients say (in some version) once they’re ready to work with me is: „I’ve been here for 3/5/10 years. It’s time to stop pretending like this is still just temporary. Let‘s face it: I‘m here to stay. So I might just as well treat it like it means something to me!“

And they get invested.
And they roll their sleeves up.
And they look for inspiration.
And they start planning.
And they enjoy being commited.

And then they share their progress with their families back ‚there‘ and the questions about finally coming to reason and coming back ‚home‘ stop.
They stop because they stopped treating their new life like it was temporary, like it was a second-best option.

You did not move abroad to have a ‚second-best-life‘.
So stop treating your home like a consolation prize. It’s not.
All that‘s missing from THIS being the best place for you is you sitting down and thinking about what you really want from this experience and how to create your own feeling of belonging, then: get invested.

And if you want help figuring out what needs to happen or what needs to change in order for you to feel more ‚lust for this life‘: I’m here. Just message me!

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