How to wake up with great ideas.

What if you could train yourself to think better, more focussed whilst you sleep?

Yes, you heard that correctly: think more focussed whilst you sleep.

See, ‘the sleeping brain’ does not exist. Research has proven that the brain does not ‘shut down’ – it only goes into different work modes. Yes, WORK modes.

One mode is to digest experiences and to store them, connected to feelings – which become our memories. But that does not take the entire night.

Another mode is dedicated to creative thinking and problem solving, aka. coming up with new ideas. And not only can we learn how to use and harvest this mode, but we can train it like a muscle. A muscles that loves to be used.

My guest, Nicoline Douwes Isema, will tell us all about how to wake up with better ideas. A technique she calls ‘dreamstorming’ and is particularly fruitful if you have been feeling stuck with a very concrete problem that you couldn’t solve with your conventional problem-solving skills.


About Nicoline

Nicoline is a dream expert and sleep enthusiast, on a mission to show everyone how to wake up with new ideas.

Trained as a coach, she helps her clients to:

  • sleep consciously and wake up with a new idea
  • get feedback from their own subconscious intelligence
  • unpack dreams for insight
  • She's a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, authored the book on 'Thinking in your sleep' (in Dutch), and most of all, helps you make use of your dreaming brain in your everyday life.