How to flirt with life. Making creativity a daily practice.

People are the happiest when – at least some part of their lives – takes place in a triangle between inspiration, motivation and creativity.

Whilst we all, without exception, love inspiration and motivation because they make us curious and get us into action, creativity has a more difficult reputation.

Some common beliefs about creativity are:

  • Creativity is a talent you either have, or have not
  • Creativity is unstable and unpredictable, you never know when it might strike.
  • Creativity is artistry. Not many can life off their art. (Starving artist)
  • Creativity in business (e.g. design thinking) needs to be learned, it IS laborsome and creates additional hurdles and struggle.
  • Creativity is expensive. It costs time and you need education/materials/resources.
  • Creativity might not bring you any ROI. You can’t guarantee (scalable/feasible) results.

And at the same time our society adores everything that is future-facing and connected to innovation and the famous ‘thinking-outside-the-box’.

I’m inviting you discover this weeks episode with Rafael Martinez on what creativity really is, what it takes to hone is a skill that we can get better at AND how to start building that habit of becoming more creative – every day.

About Rafael

Born in Colombia; Rafael lived as an artist in New York and San Francisco since arriving to the US as a child. He holds art degrees from colleges in the US as well as Florence/Italy.

Rafael offers services as a life coach for artists and a relationship coaching for individuals and couples. Discover his Art Transmission Course which takes an intimate cohort of artists through a three month journey of uncovering your process of creating your best work.