Celebrating enoughness during the holiday season – Part 1

Today I narrow down on one very particular feeling that always comes up during any kind of change project.

Enoughness. Or the lack of it.

Will this be enough? Have I done enough? Am I good or capable enough to get this done?

Thanksgiving and the black friday weekend have just passed and now the holiday frenzy starts. We’re all trying to finish 11months worth of projects whilst preparing what is, for most, the biggest events of the year, Christmas and New Year, in the short timespan of 4 weeks. Hello there stress – welcome back into our lives with your last big hooray of the year.

Now, I’m a huge advocate for Essentialism – As little as possible, but as much as needed to think well of yourself and feel well in your home – is my motto, and this is how it will help you too.

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About Nic

Nic is a Designer, turned Cultural Adaptation Coach, turned Positive Psychology Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

She lived in 7 different countries, on three different continents, speaks 6 languages, and an avid advocate for the Inner Development Goals and on a mission to help design belonging and raise hope for all.

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