Leverage your longing – conversation with an intimacy coach

Do you want to feel satisfaction?
Or do you want to show off achievement?
Not that those two are incompatible, but change is hard and frankly, not worth the effort if you won’t get out of it what you really crave for. 
So what is it you want in the end?

This is a conversation with sex & intimacy coach Caoilfhionn Nic Conmara on how to leverage our moments of longing to get us what we hunger for most.

And yes, that includes your willingness to touch & explore your most intimate parts.
Soul, desire and your thoughts of you think you can have… feel free to explore the other intimate parts as well…

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About Caoilfhionn

Caoilfhionn is a life coach specialising in desire, sex and intimacy. With a background in orgasmic meditation and conscious relating, she’s a powerful embodiment of a woman living a life led by her desire. She supports women through one on one work and group transformational programmes, to have more turned on lives, pleasurable sex and authentic relationships. She is also the host of the podcast ‘In Bed with Caoi’.

P.S.: Don't get intimidated by the spelling of her name. Just call her Caoi - pronounced like Queen, just without the N at the end.