Deliberately design a simpler, but more beautiful home that will help you wind down faster and focus on what brings you truly joy in life.

I won't make you scroll endlessly:

the investment is 497€

I'm in -let's simplify this home of mine!

If you have too much going on in your home,

have too much stuff,

and want to say 'NO!' with confidence,

whilst creating a space that is well put together...

Let me show you how to

Love The Shit Out Of Your Home

- without buying more stuff.

By the end of the month you'll have:

Set Better Boundaries

rediscover the love for

a clamer

The Beautiful Items You Already Own

Simplified Space

with yourself & the monkey brain

Set better boundaries - especially with yourself and the ‘monkey brain’.

No more 'buying more in order to feel better' about your space but knowing what you really need, and the rest is unnecessary.

Rediscover the items you already have and love - let go of the rest with ease.

This is not about cleaning up a bit - it's full on transformation.

create a beautiful space that makes you smile & promotes less busy-ness and less hustle mentality.

This pandemic shizz has been going on for too long.

You’ve been living on the inhale, waiting for the next shoe to drop and taking responsibility for everyones elses experience to be easier for too long.

You've been working to make life work under hard circumstances for too long.

This is your invitation to consciously put YOU first.

This is your invitation to focus on the things, ideas and feelings that really matter.

Listen friend, you can't finish anything without ever starting something. just Start.

Finally Start

FINALLY, start letting go of stuff with conviction.

Letting go is going to be easy, because you’re going to be sure you won’t need it anymore.

A Home Worth Having is made through conscious decisions and intentional action.

Consciously less stuff leads to a consciously simpler experience with fewer triggers. Consciously saying NO with a smile is how you consciously choose to believe that you have enough.

FINALLY, show off a beautiful home.

Start feeling proud of yourself and enjoy spending time in your gorgeous space.

You'll be designing for a trigger-free space, which means:

no triggers = less stress & less self-doubt

+ a lot more space & calmness.

FINALLY, start loving what you already own.

More is not better - it's just more.

You need the right 'more'.

Change your behavior around spending. Recognize true desire to own vs. temptation to fast-consume.

Learn to say YES with conviction and NO with a smile.

I'm ready to start


This is why it works:


You need a goal, not a new chore.

This is why this is a project with a start and a finish, not a new habit.

The goal is for you to have a gorgeous home.

Decluttering is just ONE of the tools to get you there.



It's all about focussing on what feels good and makes your life easy so you can keep it up long-term.

It's a beautiful game of letting in new things and leaving others outside - intentionally. It's about saying YES to saying NO.



Trust one method and follow through.

Give it time to impact you.

Be curious about what triggers you and ease into this stretch that will make you grow.

If you catch yourself saying "Yes, but how do I know if YOUR method is right foe ME?", please listen to the following podcast episode HERE & check you also do these other things.

this is not about decluttering and then leaving you hanging with:

"Now what?"

This is about creating beauty and the deep knowing:

"Ihave enough!"

I want to change my home

"It gave me immediate results, then helped to better coordinate my decor. I can get on with it without feeling rushed or pushed to buy instantly new pieces."

Kind Words

“Before, I felt I couldn’t enjoy my living room as a space to sit, relax and exchange with people. I felt visually and spatially overwhelmed and had no idea how to make my own living room feel comfortable for myself.

What I like most about Nicole’s method is that it’s simple and scalable:

- Alexandra, Switzerland



This is how it works:

4 zoom calls/ rec. videos where we talk about design, mindfulness & method and what it takes to simplify home and discovering what brings you joy.



Each week you'll get 'home work' that you have to do, but won't take you longer than 1h to do. Then you spend the week practicing awareness of what this 'does to you'.


An entire month of unlimited coaching. This is you and me 1:1, not a group setting.

Ask as many questions as you like via Telegram App.

watching a jamie Oliver cooking show on TV will not make a jamie oliver dinner magically appear on your table.

You gotta do the work.

Are you ready?

*max.3 questions per message & 1 message until I got back to you.

I'm ready to start

Kind Words

"Your honest enthusiasm is gorgeous. I so enjoyed this course.

"Part of me was reluctant to invest here, but I'm glad I did because it makes such a big difference emotionally.

"Thank you Nic, I really appreciate this.

I've watched it twice already & dare say will watch it a few times more.

You're so right, it's overbearing. I can't breathe at times and it leads to anxiety.

It's time to breathe and calm down now."

I always thought that I didn't deserve what I like the most. My clutter is all the cheap surrogates for what I really wanted.

I am growing and learning here."

The words you said around home and belonging stuck with me and I got rid of two big IKEA items that pissed me off. I want to feel more at home and the small changes make me already feel so much better.

— Evelien Gérlaude, Belgium

— simone shea, Ireland

— Angie Sorenson, UK


I'm Nic.

personally I'm obsessed with

serial expat

the idea of 'designing belonging'

19 years in 6 different countries

your Joie De Vivre coach

education & experience

my business motto is

Your home is not a branding exercise.

13 years of Interior Design

If you visit me at home

I call myself

you'll eat really well. I'm a damn good cook.

A Better-Living-Activist

My personal lifestyle is

i'm a restless doer


my home is set up to help me wind down.

ESSENTIALISM = use as little as possible, but as much as needed.

And that changes with time.

Ideal for people, like myself, who don't have the patience to own a lot of stuff.

This is what I stand for:

Do you believe in the same ideas as I?

Look, I'm no 'home organizer'.

It's not my job or intention to keep you focussed on cleaning & organizing stuff. It's boring and I want you to be done with it.

I'm an Interior Designer.

Clutter is the thing that's in the way of you getting to the good, the juicy, and the really satisfying things in life: Designing a home for you to look, think and feel AWESOME about your life.

I'm no artist.

'Haute-Couture' in fashion is wearable art. It looks great, but for most people, it is useless and unattainable.

Same goes for 'Haute-Couture-Interiors'. They are so pretty to look at & so sophisticated. But your home is not meant to be a museum that is pretty - but pretty useless.

I'm an Activist & I believe

I believe

I believe

I believe

your home should never 'represent you', but help you with the things that come hard to you.

homes should celebrate the things and experiences that are yet to come.

in creating living spaces that make dealing with the messiness of life easier.

Design advice

+ declutter framework

+ unlimited coaching

= 497€

*for 4 consecutive weeks

Let me help you decide whether or not this is for you.

Just click and play the video or book a call with me in the action below.

A bientôt!

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