Adapt &

Succeed Abroad

Making expat life happier.

Belonging doesn't happen to happen - it's made happen.

Although each situation is unique

know that you're far from alone.

I know you've been trying hard and you know you've got what it takes to thrive, even amidst the challenges.

So hear me when I say: your frustration is understandable.

There is KNOW-HOW,

there are TOOLS and

there are PEOPLE

that can help make transition into international life easier.

you just found one of them.


Overwhelm is normal.

  • Maybe you’re internationally experienced. Maybe you've lived already in 3 different countries. Doesn’t matter - just because you've done it before it does not mean it's not a logistical nightmare.
  • You’ve taken a new job that requires you to relocate to another country for the first time. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and 1000 questions. Your priorities feel all out of whack, and you’re searching for direction.
  • You feel guilty that you’re second-guessing your choice to make this move. What would your loved ones think if they knew you doubted your decision to pursue this incredible opportunity?
  • It's okay to have doubts and worries - you're making a major life change! That's why we are here to help.

    Living abroad is easier with sure-fire transition strategies.

    You didn't move abroad to live a second-best, isolated life.

    Once you get there: “I’m out of my element and scrambling to adapt.”

  • You’ve landed! A rush of excitement envelopes you, quickly followed by panic.
  • You’re wondering how you’ll entertain the kids all day while your partner is at work.
  • You’re unsure how you’ll motivate your new team since the usual strategies backfire here.
  • Your work piles up; your days grow longer and finding the time or energy to spend with your family becomes difficult.
  • Things begin to deteriorate professionally and personally. You start to blame yourself, your partner, and your new country for feeling so negative.
  • When you've been giving it your best for so long but you still keep wondering if you'll ever feel like you belong here...

    No, it's not you - an international can be draining. Even seasoned pros have a hard time prioritizing, setting up an entirely new life in a new location, and maintaining important relationships.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    Adapt & Succeed is your international transitions roadmap.

    Imagine if you ...

  • Knew precisely which problem to attack first and how to approach it.
  • Had your priorities in order from day one and never had to play catch up.
  • Had your own purpose for moving abroad, outside of your job or your spouse’s job.
  • Didn’t let stress drive a wedge between you and your partner.
  • Maintained deep connections with loved ones back home, even though they’re far away.
  • Now's the time for you to make the most of your life abroad.

    A good life is about more than just that new job.

    You want to show up for yourself and for loved ones in the best way possible (even when things are challenging). You need something that keeps you on track. You want location-independent support just in time, right when you need it most.

    Now's the time to make those best memories happen.

    "Adapt and Succeed Abroad gives you the awareness...

    ...that the frustrations, irritations etc are not isolated and nor am I the only person experiencing them. No need to reinvent the wheel when moving abroad - here is a neat and tidy package to help you navigate the pitfalls and to be aware of the challenges that are likely to arise.”

    Created by Intercultural Strategist Sundae Schneider-Bean, Adapt & Succeed is the most comprehensive and tailored-to-you guide for mastering international transitions. It does what no other program available does, by leading you through each major step:

    You don't have to do this alone

    No More Guestimating What To Do Next

    Let yourself have structured help

    Register NOw

    What's included

    Grab this opportunity &


    "There is no such thing as 'Work-Life-Balance' with work on the opposite side of private happiness. They're connected and informing eachother like inhale & exhale."

    Meet the team

    Nic Scholtysik

    Dipl.-Designer, better-Living-Activist, program facilitator

    Is an interior- & product designer who studied at RMIT University in Melbourne and graduated from FH Aachen in Germany.

    Nic grew up as a third-culture-kid to immigrant parents, lived in 7 countries in the last 19 years and is obsessed with the idea that all spaces should serve wellbeing.

    She founded A Home Worth Having in 2018 and loves her expat clients that are finally 'all in' and ready to make their home away from home THE home of their multi-cultural life.

    Sweden is her 7th country after Germany, USA, Australia, Scotland, France and Switzerland, where she raises 2 TCKs in a multi-cultural marriage.

    Sundae Schneider-Bean

    Executive Coach & Intercultural specialist, Program developer

    Sundae Schneider-Bean is an executive coach, experienced trainer and intercultural specialist. She is committed to helping professionals and their families live well and work successfully across cultures – without losing their sense of purpose and adventure. Her clients include European multi-national organizations, international NGOs, and Fortune 500 companies, representing 60 countries across 6 continents. Since 2013 Sundae has lived in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and most recently, Pretoria, South Africa. More about her can be found at