Creating Work-Life-Balance



Let's imagine for a second that your day-to-day-life was a protocol/program/system that has been created - that would mean it can changed and improved.

No. Not you have to change, but the game. You can design the the UX (User Experience) of your life.

We all know that life is complex & full of contradictions, and everybody is obsessed with 'Work-Life-Balance'. Sadly most life this 'balance' as giving work your all and private life the rest - which is not much. We can't be in control all the time, but what we can do is: be in charge of how we come home to ourselves. You can control how much stability vs. how much excitement you experience outside of working hours and I'll show you how to design these experiences.

Because that's what home is:

Home is how you remember life, the little moments in-between the big external events that shake your world - like CoVid. You can't control what happens out there, but you can design your own reliability, your own comfort and your delight with your 4 walls.

You might not have a say what happens in the world, but I'm here to help you to design what happens when you’re ‘off the clock’ and the experience of your home worth having.

Stop living YOUR Life as if it was A CONSOLATION PRIZE:

Life is about collecting great memories.

And we can design what we want to remember next.

Being able to savor life is a wellbeing strategy.


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If you're honest with yourself

You want more to say about your life than just: "It's fine."

How I can help you:

Rediscover what tickles your enthusiasm

Start a

Passion Project

Find that thing that brings roughless joy into your life and makes life outside of work for you. It's all about your needs, your personality, getting shizz done, &being proud of yourself.

You know how to make a living, now it's time to build a life abroad.

Adapt & Succeed Abroad

Cultural Adaptation Support for people living an international life. It's onboarding you in your new life and new culture and fast-tracking you to build a thriving life abroad.

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Design a Christmas that celebrates enoughness - part 1

create your

own belonging .

There is so much research in event design, psychology and behavioural science on what needs to happen to make a moment worth remembering. Let's use that! There are 2 things you need to know about to make this season easy for yourself and memorable. You don't need to 'do it all'. You just need to do enough.

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"It's important to have a place that you know as your home.

One place where people know you, they've seen you grow up. Where people don't have to make up a story about who you are.

It’s what keeps me grounded."

Michelle is right.

But people who live an international life can’t base home on a single location.

Expats need to create a space where they recognize themselves. A place where you know you can grow and you consciously write that story of who you want to be.

-Michelle Obama

Let's talk in person.

Do you like the idea of designing a better day-to-day expat experience inside YOUR home worth having, but are not sure if I am the person to guide you through the creation process?

Let's meet via zoom & get to know each other.